Friday, August 3, 2012

13. Folding Chair Redo

My daughter actually started this redo. Unfortunately, I don't have the true before pictures. We had 2 of these chairs and found 2 more at Salvation Army for $1 each. She was on her way to grad school and it seemed like an appropriate choice for her. (Easy to move and affordable.) She painted them with Rust-Oleum. They were pretty scuffed up so she choose the hammered look paint. Then she used some bright and very inexpensive fabric. I think she got it on Wal-Mart's bargain table for $1 a yard. She actually purchased a few yards and made some matching things like pillows for her couch and a valance for her window. Now, 2 years later, she has a good job and plans to purchase some nice chairs. I decided I wanted to keep these to have on hand when we have company, but her bright fabric clashed with my kitchen and dining room.


First, I took them apart. They just have a few screws and it is not difficult to see how they work.

She had just taped the fabric on in the past and it seemed to work well. When it is assembled, the metal holds everything in place. I was worried that everything was too thick, so I took off the green fabric and cut back the quilt batting she used.  I taped it at the edges to hold it in place.

Note that the bottom of the chair is in pretty bad shape. These are really old, but seem sturdy.

Next, I cut my fabric a little larger the the chair bottom. Then, I just started folding it over and taping. I did this all the way around. Be careful on the corners. You don't want to cover the area where the screws go and you need to sort of arrange the puckers so they look nice.

Next, I began to reassemble the bottom. It is in two pieces so the tape is inside where no-one will see it. 

Now, I started on the back. Again I just took it apart, cut fabric a little larger and taped it on. I wasn't as worried about the thickness here so I just put everything over the top of what was already there.  

I did have to be extra careful not to cover the screw holes.  I cut slits to help with this and taped carefully in this area.

Next, I just reassembled and I'm done!

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