Friday, August 10, 2012

14. Easy Quilted Throw and Pillow

When my kids were small they liked using their baby quilts while watching movies and playing in the family room. As they grew, I wanted to save those, so I made some similar size quilts. This is actually my 2nd set and we use these every day! We have 2 of the quilts and 2 pillows.

The quilts were made with strips of fabric sewn on the machine. I laid this on quilt batting, then on a piece of a sheet. I pinned it all together and used yarn ties since I didn't want to take time to actually quilt it all. I finished the edges by hand after trimming the excess batting. It wasn't too difficult even for those who have never attempted a quilt.

I also wanted to point out that the pillow cases I made to match are removable. Every couple of weeks I wash and dry it all, so I feel it is fresh and clean.

This is the back. It overlaps, but it's not difficult to insert the pillow.

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