Saturday, August 18, 2012

16. Paper Bead Necklaces

I like seeing the words on this one!

Paper beads are not new, not my original idea. But, this is my version and what I learned when I tried it.

I used magazines. First I cut triangle shaped pieces of paper. I varied the size and shape and of course it affected the way the beads turned out. Wider paper made a wider bead. Thicker paper made a fatter bead, etc. I even found some use for beads made from rectangles.

This bead is made so that it would have blue edges and white in the middle, this is due to the way I cut the paper.

I used Elmer's Glue and rolled the paper up by hand. You might want to roll around something small but I didn't find that necessary.

Here is my well used bottle of glue and my bead..

After the beads dried well, I put them on a wire and painted them with fingernail polish. I especially liked the pearly white look of some white polishes. I hung them off of a curtain rod to dry but however you can hang them so they don't touch anything will work.

After the beads dried, I arranged them. I worked my way out from the center and strung them on jewelry wire. You can buy it and findings at any craft store. I also used a variety of beads I bought to complement my paper beads. I didn't shy away from plastic, I didn't care what the beads were as long as they complemented my paper ones.

Last I measured my neck so it would be the the size I wanted. (For my daughters, I made the necklaces a little smaller.) I used a variety of closures, I don't really have an opinion on what is best. I just stuck the wire ends back through several beads and made sure it wouldn't come loose and poke us in the neck. It was a fun little craft! I spent a lot of time doing this and kept a box of supplies under my coffee table. I got them out when we were watching a movie but for now, I've moved on. I have some new ideas so maybe I'll return to my beading someday...

Here are several necklaces I made.

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