Friday, August 24, 2012

17. Free Rustic Gift Boxes (Recycled Boxes)

My friend at work came up with this idea because we ran out of brown mailing paper. It was such a great idea I decided it could be used for gift boxes as well!

First I took apart a box. (Cereal boxes, cracker boxes, etc. all work great! Take it apart carefully.) Actually I didn't do a great job on this one but I wanted to show you how to fix it if needed.

I had to trim off this extra where the cardboard tore.

 Next I folded it all backwards and used hot glue to put it back together inside out.

I inserted the gift, then hot glued the end shut. (Tape is fine also.)

I added ribbon and twine. (Lace or tulle is great also.)

I tied a little knot in the twine, it helps it not to unravel.

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